All barrels are threaded and chambered with all appropriate cuts and markings.  We offer five and six groove rifling for Winchesters, with either single point cut or broach cut rifling. Rate of twist will match original Winchester Factory offerings, unless otherwise requested.  



1892, 1894 round/octagon $800
1873, 1876, 1885, 1886 round/octagon $850
take down barrels add $100
half round/half octagon add  $75
extra heavy add $25
extra length barrels (28-36 inches) add $15/inch
carbine barrels Call
remarking barrel $65

Complete Takedown Assemblies for Winchesters

We make complete front-end assemblies for Winchester Takedown 1886, 1892, and 1894s. So, whether your old one is worn out or you want a second barrel assembly for your takedown Winchester, we can make it for you. All takedown assemblies are made just like the originals, with original style markings. Supplied completely finished with no modifications to your existing frame or barrel assembly. Complete takedown assemblies are complete with a barrel style and caliber of your choice, new forend wood, magazine tube etc; all parts less sights $2000.

Fancy foreend wood and checkering extra.