Hunter Restorations offers color case hardening, charcoal bluing, rust bluing, nitre bluing, fire bluing and hot caustic salt bluing.


Color Case Hardening. Original Pack hardening method using Bone Char.

Charcoal Bluing. Original Bluing method of firearm finishing used by Colt, Winchester Marlin.  

Rust Bluing. Traditional method for finishing of barrels and magazine tubes.

Nitre Bluing. Traditional finish for screws, pins and small parts.

Fire Bluing. Traditional finish for Colt triggers, screws, and Winchester loading gates.

Hot Caustic Salts Bluing. Modern salt bluing process.



The prices listed below apply only to pre-polished and disassembled parts that are ready for firearm finishing.

Color Case Hardening  
Minimum charge for color case hardening $75
Small Action Colt SAA $145
Medium Action Winchester Models 1890, 1892 $245
Large Frame Winchester Models 1873, 1876, 1886 $285
Rust Bluing  
Minimum charge for rust bluing $75
Single Barrel / Magazine Tube $100
Over / Under, Side by Side Shotgun Barrels $225
Rifle Barrel & Magazine Tube $175
Nitre Bluing  
Set of Pistol / Rifle Screws $20
Rifle Frame $120
Pistol Frame $100
Minimum charge for bluing $50
Single Action less Frame $75
Single Action with Frame $100
Double Action Revolver $100
Single Barrel or Magazine Tube $50
Lever Action (receiver only) $150
Large Auto (colt 1911) $100
Colt SAA all parts less frame $100
Barrel and Magazine Tube $75