There is a common belief that a restoration hurts the value of or is destroying the history of, a firearm. Hunter Restorations is experienced in restoring both Winchesters and Colt SAA's and is confident that you will get a proper restoration. When done correctly, a restoration can increase the value of your gun and allow for you to enjoy it for generations to come.

Winchester before restoration


Prices for restorations are an estimate. Actual prices may vary.

Winchester Models 1892, 1894 (metal only) $1700
Both metal and wood $2000
Winchester Models 1873, 1876, 1886 (metal only) $1800
both metal and wood $2100
Colt SAA $600


This rifle (pictured above) required a major restoration. Both the barrel and magazine tube had been cut, was a missing buttplate, wood had been sanded below the metal, with numerous cracks, dings and chips. Adding to this, there were significant cuts and dings in the frame where someone had taken an overly large screwdriver to the screws, as well as moderate pitting on most of the metal. This rifle, prior to restoration, would have been a prime candidate for a "parts gun," i.e. parted out and sold for parts alone.

With a proper restoration, this rifle can now be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost of an original Winchester in the same condition. The rifle was completely restored:  upgraded wood, a new barrel and magazine tube; frame welded up, all dings and pitting removed, and all lettering and factory applied markings restored.  Period correct finishes were applied to all wood and metal parts.